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(shipping & FREE Foam Grips Strip included)
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(shipping & FREE Foam Grips Strip included)
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Luxury Futon Mattress

The Luxury provides a great, sink-in premium sofa feel. Designed to be primarily used as a couch, it makes a great occasional bed. Perfect for low and medium traffic areas such as a home office or guest room. Made with 4 inches of compressed high density (1.8 lb.) foam and an abundance of hypoallergenic polyester. Read more about how our futon mattresses are constructed here.

Luxury Construction

1.8 lb. high density foam

polyester batting
Luxury Futon Mattress Ratings
As a couch
As a bed
See the ratings for all our futon mattresses
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The Luxury mattresses ship via UPS Ground from our warehouse and should arrive in 7-10 business days..

Daily Use Lifespan: 8-10 years. All of our hi-tech futon mattresses will not turn rock hard, develop lumps or become misshapen like traditional cotton and foam futon mattresses. They are designed to retain their shape and comfort for years longer than any traditional futon mattress.

The Luxury comes with a FREE pair of Futon Grip-Strips (a $30 value), specially designed to keep your mattress firmly in place on the futon frame -- no more slipping and sliding mattresses. You can read more about Futon Grip-Strips here.

The Luxury is only suitable for bifold futon frames where the futon mattress folds in half. The Luxury is NOT suitable for trifold futon frames where the futon mattress folds in thirds. It is too buoyant and will not remain on the frame.

Common Questions & Helpful Hints

What is the shipping cost of the Luxury futon mattress?
The price shown includes standard UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the United States except for Alaska and Hawaii. For information on Alaska & Hawaii deliveries, click here.

What futon mattress should I buy?
Use our quick Futon Wizard™ to help find the best mattress suited to your needs.

How long will the Luxury last?
We conservatively estimate that the Luxury will last for 8-10 years of daily use. Our hi-tech futon mattresses last much longer than traditional cotton & foam futon mattresses because of their pressurized, high-density foam construction.
Because they have no cotton or wool, they do not get lumpy, hard and misshapen. Read more about how our futon mattresses held up in the Cornell Mattress Test.

What are futon grip strips and do I need them?
Futon Grip-Strips -- included FREE with any mattress purchase -- are thin strips of foam with a sticky back which are put on the futon frame to keep the futon mattress firmly in the couch position. They work great with any futon mattress but are specially designed to work with our futon mattresses because the futon mattresses we sell are so overstuffed with high-quality foam, they have trouble sitting on a futon frame without grip strips -- they are too buoyant to sit easily. The Futon Grip-Strips are designed by the manufacturer to keep the futon mattress firmly on the frame when in the couch and bed position. See how they are used here.

See our Futon Cover selection here. We sell hundreds of different futon covers, throw pillows and more.

Learn all about futon basics in our Futon Guide section.

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